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The Milk Monster Interview

Yesterday, Judy "Milk Monster" Shono graciously agreed to give me an impromptu interview. As her father I had a good "in" with her so to speak. Unfortunately she ignored all my questions preferring instead to talk non-stop. While I may not have captured her exact words, I think I did a decent baby translation and captured the gist of what she was saying.

Judy: Oh my God you're here! Good morning! What a surprise!

Judy: I can't believe you brought a camera along! I love those things!

Judy: Dude! Is that the new Nexus One Google phone?!

Judy: Oh, it's just that crapy G1 Google phone of yours. Seriously dude, you need to upgrade. This shit is getting embarrassing.

Judy: I'm going to take a moment to reflect on how much of a loser you are... it's kinda funny.

Judy: hehehe

Judy: bwahahahaha

Judy: mmmmf... So this is how you deal with opposition? Silence them?

Judy: Ok, I'm done with you. Get outa here.

Judy: No wait! Come baaaaack! I've got a surprise for you in my diiiiiiiiiiiiiiaper!


Pictures From a Few Months Ago

 I just realized I had these pictures on my phone that I haven't shared with anyone yet.

Last September:

Last October:

Last February:

Earlier this month:


Kids in Riyadh

We're in Riyadh again and thought I'd post a couple of pictures I just took of the kids.

Judy in her Judymobile:

Karim & Jenna:


Jenna's Drawings

 Jenna drew these about a month ago on one of those drawing pad things that you repeatedly erase. Who knows what masterpieces she erased before we had a chance to see?


Theatre Recap

Some people have been asking me for pictures from the shows I've done, so I thought I might as well recap my experiences with this new hobby that I started a little over a year ago. I apologize in advance for the bad quality of some of the pictures. Believe me when and if I get my hands on any better pictures I'll be sure to post them. If only Tammam lived in Khobar...

June 08: The Wedding Song. I played Sonny Brookes, a young and not so bright groom who gets murdered. This one was a dinner theatre that was performed for two nights only. The acting was done among the dinner tables and there was a lot of audience interaction. I was more nervous than I've ever been in my entire life and I don't imagine I will ever be that nervous again. But I had so much fun once I got into it that I was hooked.

Sep 08: Last Tango in Little Grimly. I played a disinterested, rude, and wisecracking stage builder named Bernard who was part of an amateur theatre group. This was a short play with only four actors that was performed over four nights in a room with a maximum capacity of 40 people. In some ways, Bernard was my favorite character since his one-liners were uninhibited and so funny.

Nov 08: Jack and The Beanstalk. I played the Terminator which was a lot of fun. Almost anything you say with that austrian accent comes off funny. This was a pantomime for kids that was done over four nights on the main stage with the whole shebang (set pieces, props, sound effects, music, makeup, dance numbers, etc). My thermonuclear bazooka was awesome. Just saying thermonuclear in an austrian accent was awesome.



March 09: A New Sunrise. I played Paris, a door-to-door drug salesman who talks two old ladies out of committing suicide. This was also a short play with only four actors but it was done on the main stage as a "play within a play" for the main show that was called The Perfect Life. The show was performed four times. Playing Paris was different in that the character was so normal which somehow made acting the part a lot more interesting.

May 09: Technology of a Murder. In this one, I was fortunate enough to be cast for 3 parts which was a challenge I really enjoyed. I first played Wilbur Wentz, a nerdly and slightly mad scientist who has perfected cloning. I used a very nasal and high-pitched voice for him. I then played Wilbette, a very flirtatious female clone of Wilbur for whom I used a sort of southern lady accent. Finally I was Wilboo, a goth-like, egotistical, and evil clone of Wilbur for whom I used a light british accent. Wilbette was definitely the funniest in my opinion but Wilboo was the most fun to play. I wonder if that's because deep deep down I am also very evil and egotistic. Well probably just egotistic. Anyway, this was also a dinner theatre with lots of audience interaction which was performed for four nights. All three of my charaters were murdered so I seem to have been typecast as the dude who gets murdered in dinner theatres. Personally, I think this show was the funniest I've done. The script was hilarous and the other actors did an amazing job.




I was lucky in that a lot of friends and family attended the show, including some who came over from Riyadh (Adib & Noura, Saleh & Rehab, Amjad).


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